RCR brings Wave power to concrete floors

A new armoured joint from RCR is harnessing the power of sine waves to ensure smooth transit for MHE.

Permaban Wave is named for its distinctive wave-shaped top plate.  Its triple curve design allows vehicle wheels to run smoothly across the joint – not just at the central gap, but also across the edges of the plate.

When MHE directly crosses a traditional straight armoured joint the vehicle wheels momentarily drop into the joint gap, due to the parallel edges of the joint.  This can cause impact damage to vehicles and the floor, costing warehouse operators dearly in excessive maintenance and downtime.  However, impact cannot occur with a shaped joint.

With plate style joints, even those with a shaped joint arris, it is possible to inadvertently introduce two additional straight joints at the edges of the plate.  These not only cause an impact risk but will also require maintenance during the floor’s lifetime.  For this reason, Permaban Wave’s outer edges are also shaped, but to a different sine wave than the central arris.  This ensures that there are no straight edges at all, and therefore gives an assurance of no impact and minimal maintenance.

Uniquely, the top plate on Permaban Wave is narrow, which gives distinct advantages to flooring contractors.  Firstly, the joint can be set accurately with ease, as small variances in the level do not translate into significant differences across the width of the plate.  Secondly, the width and shape help ensure good concrete distribution and compaction underneath the plate.  Anchoring is assured with continuous concrete ties; and installers can also finish right up to the joint edge easily, thanks to Wave’s clean, flowing design.

For slabs depths from 150mm to 200mm, an extension plate enables easy height adjustment on site. This allows installers to use the same product with different slab depths across multiple job sites, aiding cost efficiency.

For more information visit www.permaban.com.