During the 1980s the demand for global distribution services began to increase strongly.  With it grew the demand for ‘big shed’ warehouses and distribution centres around the world.

This in turn fuelled two new industries.  Firstly, specialist industrial flooring contractors, with the expertise to create large-scale concrete floors.  Secondly, specialist products for use in those floors.


RINOL, Permaban and ROCLAND industrial flooring products

Three companies with a vision for the opportunities ahead were RINOL in Germany, Permaban in the UK and Placeo in France, a specialist flooring contractor with a product manufacturing department. (This department subsequently incorporated as a separate entity, RCR Production France, and today manufactures the ROCLAND brand.)

In 2006 enterprising managers from RINOL and Placeo saw the advantages of collaboration.  Together they launched a new name in global industrial flooring – RCR. RCR Industrial Flooring was founded on a desire to harness the expertise of leading brands worldwide, and achieve only the best. Those values still hold true today.


RCR's international growth

RCR companies have been on the frontline of industrial floor technology as it has grown and developed over the years. Now with an annual turnover exceeding €160m and 850 employees worldwide, RCR has consistently strengthened its position over the years. Today RCR is proud to be the only organisation in the world offering a completely integrated service for industrial flooring.

As part of the RCR group’s ongoing development and rationalisation, the RCR Flooring Products division was established in 2013 to unite all RCR’s product manufacturers under one name, with a commitment to increased collaboration.

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