New repair brand Permaneo features Permaban Signature AR

Industrial floors across the UK suffering from damage will benefit from a new flooring repair brand recently launched by RCR.

Permaneo, part of the RCR Flooring Services division, offers industrial floor repairs (joint repair, crack repair), renovation (resurfacing and polishing) and maintenance services.

A new team has now been appointed which will carry out Permaneo repair and maintenance projects across the UK. Headed by Mike Carty, the team will be responsible for developing business and will focus particularly on floor joint repair.

“The UK has a vast stock of warehouses, distribution centres and factories created over the last 30 years, many of which are now suffering badly from the effects of poor design and hard use,” commented Andrew Keen, head of RCR’s Flooring Services division.  “Permaneo in the UK offers a cost-effective, professional way to refresh and maintain these industrial floors.  This means building owners and operators avoid the costs and disruption that a damaged floor brings.”

Mike Carty added, “I’m delighted to lead this new venture in the UK, and welcome the opportunity to help facilities managers and logistics managers across the UK solve their flooring challenges.”

Key to the Permaneo offering in the UK is the Permaban Signature AR joint repair system, which has already proven its worth with high profile brands such as Kawasaki and Rolls Royce.

Permaneo’s responsive and planned maintenance services minimise and prevent floor damage, enabling building investors to protect the value of their industrial floors.

For further information please contact Mike Carty on telephone +44 1752 895288.