Privacy Notice

This privacy notice explains the personal data we collect from you and what we do with it.

Who is collecting the data?
The personal data you provide is being collected by RCR Industrial Flooring S.L.U., Calle Mirasierra, 5 2ºA, 28220, Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain.

What data is being collected?
When you contact us, we ask you to provide your name, company name, address, email address and business telephone number. You might also choose to provide more information (eg, job title, social media profile) – in which case we will also collect and store this information.

When and how is the data being collected?
We collect information when you fill out a form on this website, send us an email enquiry, telephone us, or write to us. We also collect data from business cards we are given.

How will the information be used?
We will process your information firstly for the purpose of responding to your enquiry. We may use data to personalise your visit to the website. We will also send future occasional marketing communications to you by email. If you provide your telephone number and mailing address we may also use these to stay in touch with you.

If we plan to use your personal data for a new purpose, we will communicate the changes to you before we start any new processing.

The legal basis for processing your data
By submitting your data through our website, or on email, by phone or post, you are confirming by your action that you consent to us processing the data you provide so that we can respond to your enquiry.

We will also use your data to send you our occasional news by email in future. The legal basis for us doing this is ‘legitimate interest’. This means that because you’ve enquired about our services and given us your email address, we think you’d reasonably expect to hear from us in future about related products and services. We only email a few times a year; and we only send to email addresses with a business domain. You will be able to unsubscribe easily from these emails at any time. If you’d rather we didn’t email you our newsletter, please put this in your message when you enquire.

If you wish to enquire without providing personal data please telephone us instead – but we may not be able to respond fully to your enquiry.

If you give us a business card at an event, we’ll ask for your consent to add you to our newsletter mailing list.

Data security
This website has an SSL certificate (https://), which means that the data you submit through this website is encrypted for security protection. Please contact us if you have any queries about our IT security.
As we are an international group, please be aware that your data may be passed outside the EU and handled in non-EU data centres.

Sharing data
RCR Industrial Flooring S.L.U. owns a number of specialist industrial flooring companies around the world. These trade as separate legal entities but come under the senior management control of RCR Industrial Flooring S.L.U. A complete list of RCR group companies can be found on our website: In order to provide good service, we may pass your data to any of our group companies – for example, so that the person with the right technical knowledge can respond to you; or so that someone can answer you in your own language.

We will never pass your data to an organisation outside of the RCR Industrial Flooring group of companies, unless:
a) we have appointed them as a sub-contractor, agent, distributor or supplier and they need your data to process your enquiry or order;
b) we have appointed them as a Data Processor to carry out work on our behalf (for example, an IT company, marketing company, or credit checking agency); or
c) we are ever required to do so by law; in connection with legal proceedings; or to establish, defend or exercise our legal rights.

How long will your data be stored?
We store all data for two years from the date of last engagement with us. This means, for example, that if in the course of two years the company you work for doesn’t buy from us, and you as an individual don’t contact us or open one of our email newsletters, we’ll remove your personal data from our systems and unsubscribe you from our email newsletter. We’ll endeavour to contact you before the two-year period elapses to seek your consent to stay in touch.

Data accuracy
We want to ensure the data we hold about you is up-to-date. If your details change, please let us know.

Your rights
As an individual you can be completely removed from our records at any time, at your request. You also have the right to know what personal information we hold on you. You have the right to unsubscribe from any of our marketing communications, even if you have previously given consent to receive them.

If you have any queries or complaints about how we use your data please contact our Group Communications Manager, Valentina Gonzáles – email

Please also refer to our information about cookies, below.

We reserve the right to update this statement at any time, without notice.


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Uso de esta web

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No somos responsables del contenido de ninguna ubicación de Internet que enlace con esta web.  Esta ubicación proporciona enlaces a algunas webs externas que están fuera del control de RCR Industrial Flooring o su grupo de empresas, y RCR no se responsabiliza de su contenido.


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Quedan prohibidos cualquier otro uso o copia del contenido de esta web, tanto directamente como a través de un vínculo de hipertexto, salvo que se haya obtenido el permiso previo por escrito de RCR Industrial Flooring.


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